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Idependent Facility Services (IFS) are a young Property Management business who have been operating in this industry for a year now. We provide a number of services to estate agents and other housing organisations. One of our most reputable clients is Apex Housing Solutions working in collaboration with a number of local councils such as City of Westminster Council, Barnet Council, Camden London Borough Council and many more. We also provide all kinds of Property Management Services to private landlords. Some of the services we provide to nearly 400 properties are as below:


  • Inventories for new and rental properties
  • Domestic and End of Tenancy Cleaning
  • Quarterly Inspections 


All of our work is fully insured backed by a £5 million Public and Employment Liability Insurance. All of our staff have attended the Housing Heath and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) overview course and have been CRC checked. This not only gives our clients reassurance but enables our staff to better evaluate any work they carry out.



The current climate of the property industry is a very volatile, one in which no one is certain which way the market will turn. Therefore, it is more important now than ever toconcentrate on the your businesses core competencies while delegating mundane timeconsuming tasks to external agencies. Outsourcing some parts of your businessoperational tasks will allow you to have more flexibility, as it will free up some of your internal resources. This in return will allow your business to focus on more important aspects such as further developing your property portfolio.


Furthermore, outsourcing will allow you to be more cost effective through reducing operational and labour costs. As we know reducing costs is key for a business to be more profitable. Through outsourcing businesses can save a lot of capital by not having to recruit and train new employees. As typically a new recruit must be given a fixed term contract with a competitive salary and then they would have to be trained for several months until they can do the job effectively. However, by outsourcing the work is being carried out straight away as the company conducting the work already expertise within that task. It is therefore, recommended that you choose a company with great expertise and the enthusiasm to work promptly and effectively.




We aim to provide our customers with a service, which goes above and beyond their expectations.


The Four Key Components Of Our Business:
































Our pricing structure is very simple and transparent which allows our customers to know precisely what value they are getting for their money. At IFS we can assure you that we won’t be beaten on price for the quality of services that we provide. Our services can be catered for all budgets and all needs of our customers.



Excellent customer service - Our team will be on hand to assist you with any queries you may have regarding any of the services. In order to improve our customers experience with us our senior management, will beon hand to deal with any escalations or any emergency tasks that need to be done as a matter of urgency. We also encourage our customers to arrange a weekly conference call with one of our managers.




Any tasks that you do outsource to IFS will be handled very professionally and independently by one of our managers. Thus allowing your business to take care of the really important stuff such as business development etc. IFS aims to provide a swift transition for the different stakeholders involved with the task by removing any uncertainties they may have, through our various communication channels.




“What we promise is what we deliver”. This is the slogan that we truly believe in and something we have stayed true to since we started. One example of this is when we were set the task to conduct 340 property inspections in 10 weeks. We achieved this target within time and provided our customer with a very high quality of service.

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