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We provide inspection reports to our clients who are looking to get in depth information on the current condition of their property. We do this by creating a report which highlights all the different aspects of a property through a questionnaire and a table of contents. The inspection report covers both the exterior and interior condition of the property.


The report is very thorough so the landlords know exactly what the property condition is. We also make recommendations to fix any problems that may be arising so that action can be taken immediately to avoid any bigger issues in the future.


We are currently working with Apex Housing Solutions conducting property inspections for them. We regularly conduct over 350 property inspections and pride our self in providing excellent service within the agreed time frames.


All out staff are HSSRS trained and have had their CRC conducted. We aim to provide flexible hours to tenants to provide the best possible experience.





At IFS we provide landlords the opportunities to have all their property maintenance works done from one organisation. We have professionally trained plumbers, electricians, gas engineers and professional landscapers who will provide an excellent service at competitive prices. Our engineers have over 30 years experience in their respective fields and believe in the motto of. No job is too big or too small. For further information please contact us on the above email for any enquires you may have.


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